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Light Meals (Comida Ligera)

Nachos Supreme Black beans, casa salsa, totopos (corn chips), cheese, jalapenos & sour cream
12.50 V ***
Add a side of braised beef, tasty chicken, spicy pork or
guacamole for 4.50

Mean & Green Chicken Salad Light salad mix of seasoned chicken, jalapenos, bacon pieces, lettuce, mandarin pieces, radish & avocado pieces then coated with an avocado, natural yogurt & lime juice dressing & sprinkled with toasted corn tortilla pieces
17.50 GF

Power House Salad Spirulina infused black rice, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, red onion, cucumber, avocado & pepitas & sprinkled with coriander & a squeeze of lime
14.50 GF & V

Quesadillas Toasted wheat tortillas filled with our cheese mix served with guacamole/salsa (GF avail)
Cheese 6.00 V
Mushroom, Baby Spinach & Cheese 7.50 V
Beef & Cheese 8.50
Chicken & Cheese 8.50

Chicken & Rice Pulled chicken, lettuce, raw slaw, Mexican rice, mandarin pieces, sour cream & guacamole
19.50 GF

Chicken & Cashew Enchiladas Chicken, cheese & cashews wrapped in two small corn tortillas, served on a bed of rice & topped with our enchilada sauce and melted cheese
19.50 GF

Beef & Bean Burrito Seasoned beef, black beans & cheese baked in a wheat tortilla, topped with our special sauce & sour cream & served on a bed of Mexican rice

Vegie & Bean Burrito A combo of seasoned corn, carrot, onion, capsicum, black beans, jalapenos & cheese baked in a wheat tortilla, topped with our special sauce & sour cream & served on a bed of Mexican rice
19.50 V

Chilli Bowl Served with totopos & sour cream
Con Carne 19.50 GF
Vegetale 18.50 V & GF


Nibbles (Mordiscos)

Dips – Served with totopos & a choice of *Chilli con queso *guacamole *black bean *casa salsa GF & V
(1 dip) 7.50 (2 dips) 10.50 (3 dips) 15.50
*Mexican street corn dip V

Corn Cobbette’s – Chargrilled & topped with soft goat’s cheese
5.50 GF & V

Soft Tacos 12.50

Beef – Braised beef, chorizo, raw slaw & casa salsa wrapped in two small wheat tortillas

Chicken – Tasty chicken, avocado, raw slaw, mandarin pieces & chipotle mayo wrapped in two small wheat tortillas

Pork – Spicy pork, raw slaw & pineapple salsa wrapped in two small wheat tortillas

Tradie’s Taco – Bacon, braised beef, jalapenos, casa salsa (or bacon, spicy pulled pork & pineapple) plus sautéed onion, capsicum & garlic wrapped in a large wheat tortilla

Extras (Mas)

Sour cream, Casa salsa, Pineapple salsa 3.50 ea

Guacamole, Side of meat 4.50

Pork rinds 6.00

Drinks (Bebidas)


Mexican Soft drinks – lime, pineapple, cola, mandarin, guava, watermelon, club soda 4.50

Desserts (Postres)

Churros – coated in cinnamon & sugar 5.50
chocolate or caramel dipping sauce 3.50

Chocolate & Kahlua Mousse – served with a dollop of cream 8.50 GF