Mains (Grande Plata)

Mexican Ribs – Tender, slow cooked seasoned Angus beef ribs served with a side of Mexican rice -24.00  GF

NEW! Zesty Pork Ribs – Pork ribs cooked & glazed in citrus & tequila served on a bed of sweet potato mash accompanied with a refreshing mandarin side salad  26.50  GF

Beef & Bean Burrito – Seasoned beef & beans, baked in a wheat tortilla, served with a side of Mexican rice & sour cream -19.00  

NEW! Vegie & Bean Burrito – A combo of seasoned corn, carrot, onion, capsicum, black beans & cheese baked in a wheat tortilla, topped with our special sauce & sour cream & served on a bed of Mexican rice 19.00  V

Chicken & Rice – Delicious pulled chicken set atop a layer of lettuce, raw slaw & Mexican rice served with mandarin pieces, a dollop each of sour cream & guacamole – 19.00  GF

Chicken & Cashew Enchilada – Tasty chicken & cashews wrapped in a wheat tortilla, served on a bed of Mexican rice & topped with our enchilada sauce & melted cheese -19.00  

Chilli Con Carne – Manny’s Mexican chilli served in a bowl with totopos (corn chips) & a side of sour cream  19.00  GF

Chilli Con Vegetale – An intensive flavour filled vegetable, bean & lentil version of the traditional chilli con carne, topped with sour cream and accompanied with totopos -18.00  V

SUNDAY is “PAELLA DAY”  Paella  Mixta – Traditional Spanish rice dish combining seafood, chicken, chorizo, vegetables & spices   20.00

Extras (Mas)
Mexican Rice
Señor Manny’s Casa Salsa
Pineapple Salsa
Sour Cream
Pork Rinds

Desserts (Postres)

Churros –  (Spanish doughnuts) coated in cinnamon & sugar served with chocolate or caramel dipping sauce & vanilla ice cream – 7.00

Mousse – Chocolate & Kahlua mousse served with a dollop of cream  8.00

NEW! – Poached orange & almond meal cake served warm, topped with a dollop of cream, shredded coconut, almonds & orange syrup 8.00  GF

Niños serve of vanilla ice cream with chocolate or caramel sauce – 5.00

Niños Combo Meal  12.00

(Main Meal, Drink & Dessert)
Strictly for 12 years and under

Combo items sold separately for 5.00 per item

Niños Tacos – 1 x small wheat tortilla filled with avocado, cheese & chicken with sides of pineapple salsa & sour cream, or

Niños Nachos – Nachos, without the hot stuff, or

Niños Quesadillas  – Our tasty three cheese mixture, sandwiched between two small wheat tortillas, toasted & served with guacamole

With 1 glass of Manny’s Mexican Frozen Punch or 1 bottle of Jarritos

With Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with Chocolate or Caramel Sauce

Nibbles (Mordiscos)    

Grilled Corn – Corn cobbettes chargrilled topped with soft goat’s cheese $5 V

NEW!  Chorizo in Red Wine – Grilled chorizo slices coated in a red wine glaze  8.00

NEW!  Spanish Cheese & Olives – Spanish olives, Manchego, Spanish blue Cabrales & Valdeon cheeses (Items can be varied & subject to change due to availability)  8.50  V

Fiesta of Dips – Choose from our selection of chilli con queso, guacamole, black bean, casa salsa, mexican street corn or pineapple salsa served with totopos (corn chips) GF & V  Tres (3) 15.00  Dos (2) 10.00  Uno (1) 7.00

Jalapeño Poppers – Zesty mix of lime, cheese, garlic & cumin filled jalapeño peppers topped with golden crunchy panko bread crumbs then drizzled with olive oil & oven baked – 12.00   V  

Soft Tacos  12.00

Beef – Braised beef, chorizo, raw slaw & casa salsa wrapped in two small wheat tortillas   

Chicken – Tasty chicken, avocado, raw slaw, mandarine pieces & chipotle mayo wrapped in two small wheat tortillas   

Pork – Spicy pork, raw slaw & pineapple salsa wrapped in two small tortillas 

Tradie’s taco – Bacon, braised beef, jalapenos, casa salsa, sautéed onion & capsicum garlic wrapped in an 18cm wheat tortilla

Light Meals (Comida Ligera)

Nachos Supreme – Black beans, casa salsa, totopos, cheese, jalapenos & sour cream – 14.00   GF & V

NEW! Mexican Prawn Salad – Paprika prawns drizzled with a lime & honey butter served on a bed of a salad mix of lettuce, jalapeños, corn kernels, black beans, avocado, spring onion and tomato.  18.00  GF

Mean & Green Chicken Salad – Light salad mix of seasoned chicken, jalapenos, bacon pieces, lettuce, mandarin pieces with radish & avocado slices coated with an avocado, natural yogurt & lime juice dressing & topped with toasted tortilla pieces – 17.00   GF

Power House Salad – Spirulina infused black rice, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, red onion, cucumber, avocado & pepitas sprinkled with coriander & a squeeze of lime – 14.00   GF & V

Garlic & Chilli Prawn & Mussel Plate – Succulent prawns & plump mussels sautéed in garlic & chilli oil & served on a bed of Mexican rice 15.00   (Mains – 24.00) GF

Quesadillas (cheese filled tortillas) – Our tasty three cheese mixture, sandwiched between two wheat tortillas, toasted & served with guacamole.  6.00   V (GF available)

***Mushroom, Baby Spinach & Cheese Quesadilla served with guacamole.   7.00  V (GF available)

***Beef & Cheese Quesadilla served with casa salsa.   8.00  (GF available)


Our Totopos (corn chips) are free of gluten, preservatives, additives and trans fats.

Locally made from All Australian ingredients